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More positive reviews for Bluffing is Murder are in!

Rae Francouer loved the book in her review for North Shore Book Notes. Among other things, she says, “Readers north of Boston will enjoy “Bluffing is Murder” for its depiction of many local sites, from Cranes Beach to a few beloved restaurants and pubs in Ipswich. By the time readers are three-quarters of the way through “Bluffing is Murder,” they’ll be contemplating a number of suspects. That Lauren is a trouble magnet, around whom the mysteries swirl, makes for a quick and satisfying read.”

Mark Baker reviewed Bluffing is Murder for his Carstairs Considers blog. “All… the characters are strong and complex, and I enjoyed spending time with them. This is not a book to rush through.  The writing invites you to come get lost in Lauren’s world.  Overall, the tone isn’t as light as most of what I read, but that seriousness also gives the book a bit more depth. This complex lead character makes Bluffing is Murder well worth reading.  I will definitely be back for Lauren’s next case.”

“In this page-turner of a mystery, linguistics professor Lauren Rousseau uses her smarts, her Quaker faith, and her summer vacation to bring a vicious murderer, and a secret from her own past, into the light.” This from Barbara Ross, Agatha-nominated author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries and co-editor of Level Best Books.

And my fellow Barking Rain Press author, Kaye George, says this: “No bluffing, you’ll love Lauren Rousseau’s second adventure. It’s only Memorial Day and already this pacifist’s peaceful summer is disrupted by strange goings-on, and a dead body. Pacifist and linguist, Dr. Rousseau can’t help but get mired in the affairs of The Bluffs. Especially when her friends are involved. It’s an odd community with some problems that threaten to bubble up and destroy it. There are lots of satisfying plot tangles and a deep secret from Lauren’s past to keep you turning these pages.

-Kaye George/Janet Cantrell, National bestselling author of the FAT CAT series by Janet Cantrell, Agatha nominated author of People of the Wind (Neanderthal) and Duckworthy humorous mysteries, EINE KLEINE MURDER, Silver Falchion Finalist Musical Mystery

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