Tace Baker

Book Club Appearances

308I would be thrilled to be a part of your book club, and am happy to help create a special night for your devoted group. Books can be shipped, and if appropriate and I’m in the area, I could be available in person to speak about my writing process and answer your questions. So far, this has been an exciting adventure and I appreciate the one-on-one feedback and camaraderie.

Readers are happy! The latest reviews on Amazon for Speaking of Murder include this:

“This book actually made me homesick for a wet cold New England spring. But there’s more: murder, drugs, sex abuse all wrapped up in the quiet academic life of one linguistics professor, and presented with a good helping of caring and love. The only thing missing was someone ringing my doorbell with a few helpings of the food the characters get to eat. I hope we see Professor Rousseau again soon.”

Here’s to my writing journey and sharing Speaking of Murder with your book club!

Tace Baker (aka Edith Maxwell)

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